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Green Motion

Electrifying mobility

The electric vehicle charging solutions company Green Motion (in Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne, Canton of Vaud) has set out to conquer the planet… and will soon be taking to the skies too!

Founded in 2009, Green Motion designs and manufactures everything to do with electric vehicle charging points, from domestic installations to public charging stations. It has also developed a software platform designed to manage charging networks which features a charge invoicing system. These two offers are complementary but are also available separately, giving Green Motion two ways in to the market. “Although we do prefer to sell the whole solution as one,” says CEO François Randin.

Green Motion began in Switzerland, but the company received a big boost in 2016 after signing an exclusive licensing agreement for its technology in China. And since 2019 the technology has been used to operate networks in India and Israel too. Green Motion has now set its sights on the American market. Having recently been granted UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification, its products now meet the standards applicable in the USA and Canada. Standards which essentially amount to protectionism according to the CEO, who says that from a technical point of view its charging points are already compatible with the connection standards of every motor manufacturer.

Little competition

There is therefore effectively nothing now standing in the way of Green Motion expanding into North America, and the company is a frequent exhibitor at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where it has been showcasing its research into charging stations for electric aircraft. “If you want to arrive on time you have to leave early,” says François Randin, who founded Green Motion at a time when there were fewer than 50 electric vehicles in the whole of Switzerland. “The potential is huge, particularly for flying-school aircraft and air taxis,” he adds. Closely involved with the Swiss SolarStratos and H55 projects, Green Motion is also positioning itself as a player in defining technical standards for electric aviation.

The company has come a long way since 2009. Green Motion’s strengths? Few serious competitors, a long-term vision and highly localised production facilities enabling it to tailor its charging point components to each market. Last but not least… charging points which – with a loss of less than 4% – boast the best power conversion rate in the world.

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